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Pet Shop Boys Disco 3: Being Boring

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The new album by the Pet Shop Boys, “Disco 3,” is a decent effort, but I was hoping for a little more energy especially after 2002’s “Release,” which was composed of mostly mellow, guitar-oriented songs. I enjoyed “Release” and thought it was one of their best albums to date with its strong lyrical content, catchy melodies and a refreshing new sound. “Disco 3” returns to the familiar, electronic, dance-oriented territory that they’re use to, but the only problem is when I listen to it, I don’t feel like dancing. The majority of the songs are mid-tempo and best used as background music while relaxing or reading a book.

With that said, there are some highpoints including the revved up version of “Home,” one of the best songs off “Release.” If you like the trance-like music of 1994’s mini-album, “Relentless,” then you’ll enjoy the opening track, “Time On My Hands.” If you long for the sound of their early days, listen to “Try it (I’m in Love With a Married Man),” a song written in 1984 by Bobby O, the Pet Shop Boys’ original producer.

It will be interesting to hear what direction the Pet Shop Boys will take with their next album, whether they continue to build on “Release” or follow a more dance-oriented path.

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