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Pet Poisonings Put West Hollywood Neighborhood on Alert

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West Hollywood residents are worried about their pets.

Residents are concerned about their pets.

October is all about Halloween in West Hollywood, but one neighborhood has been experiencing something really frightening this month: Pet poisonings.

Chicken bones have been “thrown on the sidewalk where dogs can eat them and get sick,” said a Hayworth Avenue resident, where at least seven animals have gotten sick.  “Someone saw a man throwing bread into people’s yards.  We have no idea what was on the bread.”

Since the incidents have been reported by local television, a formal police report has been filed with the Sheriff’s Department.

“They also came out and canvassed the street, interviewing people about any suspicious activity,” said Jen Baers, a West Hollywood resident and a pet owner.

“This is a dog-loving neighborhood,” Baers added. “Everyone on our street and surrounding streets walk their dogs in our neighborhood and we all are on high alert. I watch my three dogs closely to make sure they don’t eat anything off the ground.”

Some residents are also considering that the poisonings could be unintentional. “You just don’t know what people throw onto the street and you don’t know what people are using to fertilize their lawns,” said Baers.

“All I can say is, it’s very scary that such a large number of dogs have gotten sick in such a short period.”  My neighbors dog Coco almost died last week from what we think is poisoning and I’m so glad to see her walking around doing so much better now.”


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