Paramahansa Jagadish to Lead Divine Mother Intensive Event

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ParamahansaJagadishEvent Focuses on Relationships with Mothers and Mother Earth and Multi-Dimensional Healing

World-renowned spiritual leader and healer Paramahansa Jagadish will lead the Divine Mother Intensive, an event designed to heal participants’ relationships with their mothers and other females in their lives, as well as Mother Earth, on Sunday, April 21, 3 to 5 pm, in Los Angeles.  The workshop, which costs $40, also focuses on Multi-Dimensional Sacred Healing, which all attendees will also receive, to clear negative energy from chakras, the auric field and meridians.

Following the Divine Mother Intensive, Paramahansa Jagadish will also be available 5-6 pm, for separate individual or small group karma and ancestral healing sessions, by appointment only.

In individual sessions, Paramahansa Jagadish will clear and heal three issues plus one karmic issue chosen by Divinity.  Individual sessions last 30 minutes and cost $300.  Group sessions are limited to five individuals and cost $100 per participant.  Group sessions include soul retrieval and soul integration and one-on-one healing and clearing of one issue per individual and one group karmic issue chose by Divinity.

The address of the location will be provided to participants upon their confirmation of attending.  The Divine Mother Intensive is Paramahansa Jagadish’s last Los Angeles event until June.  Those interested in participating in either the Divine Mother Intensive or individual or group karma clearing sessions should email or call 1-877-838-1133 to reserve a space.

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