NCLR to Party in Palm Springs

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Actress Meredith Baxter is among the supporters of the annual NCLR Palm Springs garden party on Saturday, April 4. NCLR will honor Lily Tomlin and “The Dinah” founder Mariah Hanson, to draw attention to the groundbreaking legal work that the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) has done and continues to do on behalf of LGBT people.

The early evening soiree will take place at the desert home of NCLR’s Government Policy Director Geoff Kors and husband James Williamson.

Lily Tomlin is among the thousands who’ve benefited from the work of NCLR, marrying her longtime partner, writer Jane Wagner. NCLR and other groups successfully fought for the right for gay and lesbian couples to legally marry.

“We have the privilege of being witnesses to our own liberation,” said the jubilant Kendall, who has three children, and married her longtime partner in 2008.

“It was so unexpected,” after years of disappointing setbacks and powerful opposition from conservative groups.”

Now that gay marriage is “all but wrapped up,” says Kendell, NCLR will focus on “enforcing the marriage ruling, [fighting] these religious exemptions, our conversion therapy work, and a range of other youth work. We’ll still be doing a tremendous amount of transgender work … transgender kids especially and young people.”

The goal of the Palm Springs party, and other events around the country, says Kendell, is to “introduce new people to NCLR, have our existing donors hear the latest, and raise money to support our work.

There’s also an additional benefit to attendees.

“I feel part of our job is to help foster and encourage a sense of community,” Kendell adds. “It helps when you can be with others who share a vision … and that’s what you’re investing in. Even if you can only give 10 bucks, you can walk away proud and happy, that hey, I was able to make an investment in the kind of country I want to live in.”

For ticket info go to: http://www.nclrights.org/get-involved/event/nclr-in-palm-springs-dinah-garden-party/

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