Mother Lode

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Have you been searching for the classic feel in a gay bar? Look no further as Mother Lode is the place to be! When we walked into its expanse at West Hollywood, the first thing that struck us was its pool table smack in the center of the room. Also a dive bar, Mother Lode has two cozy patios for smoking, which also has an exquisite view of Santa Monica Boulevard and its bustling party scenes.

The music selection here is equally distributed, from top 40 hits during busy nights of Friday and Saturdays, karaoke nights on Thursdays, and even a cover-free Beer Bust on Wednesdays.

What we also look forward to when visiting this fantastic place is the mix of drinks by the handsome bartenders; the drinks are stiff, and the price does not break the bank, which is definitely a plus! Only concern is the last time we came by they did not accept credit cards, so be sure to fill your wallet if you intend to drop by.

The crowd is made up more from people in their 30s, or those with a throng of studs and leather. This also applies to the bartenders, who tend to lean more on the masculine, rugged look, rather than the usual doe-eyed youngsters from the surrounding clubs.

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