Micky’s Nightclub

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Thinking of a wild night out but not sure of what to do? Put Micky’s of West Hollywood on your plans to paint the town red!

The dance scene here is high in energy, partly because of the gorgeous hunks that make up the go-go dancers, and the other half from the pulsating crowd. Themes for the night include Dirty Pop every Friday, Show Girls every Monday and Lip Tickler on Tuesday nights. The sight of toned muscular bodies dancing and moving on stage, in the shower and even in cages are definitely a dream come true, be it that you are a gay guy or a straight lady.

If you want to try the food here, the one thing I would absolutely recommend is the tacos. Eat all you want for only $5 on Tuesdays. This club definitely does not compromise its chunks of beef or chicken in the tacos.

The drinks here are pretty strong, and I love that not only do they serve a good mix, but they are also reasonably priced. Happy hours are from 5pm-9pm on weekdays, and 3pm-9pm on Saturdays. [fpalbums id=162433760243  limit=12 paging=15]

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