March Means Women’s History Month Programming From Revry

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Mila Jam

Revry, a digital cable TV network that provides LGBTQ+ programming, has been marking Women’s History Month in March with films, series, and music videos.

The lineup continues this week with “Girl Knight” and the music video for “Black Star” by Mila Jam in the Wednesday lineup, and the romantic comedy series “Easy Abby,” from writer-filmmaker Wendy Jo Carlton, on Friday.  

Throughout the month, Revry has been celebrating women with new and classic content.

Check the schedule below for upcoming programming: 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Girl Knight – Isabel, a fiery redhead armed with a sword and donning an armored helmet everywhere she goes, meets Delilah, an equally disillusioned goth girl, one day in detention at school. The two girls find strength in each other, share a first kiss in a graveyard, and defy controlling family members that try and stand in the way of their newly discovered love.

Mila Jam – Mila Jam is an NYC-based transgender YouTube Sensation turned pop recording artist. She is best known for her one of a kind music videos and unforgettable stage performances. She has toured internationally with the Broadway musical “RENT;” performed alongside James Brown, Mark Ronson, Laverne Cox, Travis Wall, Jody Watley, Lady Kier (Deee-Lite) and Natasha Bedingfield. TV appearances include the BBC’s “The Lilly Allen Show,” MTV and MTV News. Mila was named Odyssey Nightlife Awards Breakthrough Artist in 2015, and she was awarded Best Video and Dance Artist at the 2013 GLAM Nightlife Awards. She is host of the original YouTube Talk Show Series, “I’m From Driftwood.”

Kappa Force – A campy superhero satire, Kappa Force is the newest Revry Original series – an intersectional queer take on college rom-coms. Welcome to State University, the premier all-american university that has everything: greek life, Division 1 sports, five kick ass sorority sisters doubling as a masked crime fighting unit keeping the campus safe from evil, and a Chipotle. This fully-formed fantasy comes complete with pop parodies of the Spice Girls, Justin Beiber, Paula Cole, Third Eye Blind and tongue-in-cheek nods to queer history.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Easy Abby – Sleeping with women comes easy to Abby. Dealing with her personal life? Not so much. Follow Abby through her trials and tribulations in the Revry Original Series.

For My Wife – A feature documentary chronicling the making of an activist. After the tragic death of her wife, Charlene Strong was thrust into the spotlight becoming a powerful voice for the equal rights of same-sex couples and their families.

Tiny Laughs – When a queer Latina architect meets a struggling Asian comic at an improv class, their instant sparks sends them on a humorous and heartwarming journey through the city of dreams.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Renee and the Seven Cards (OML) – 5pm PT (all episodes) – With mystery like Russian Doll, characters like Fleabag, and a dysfunctional romance like Feel GoodRenée centers on a controlling bisexual fitness fanatic who must track down her missing psychic to understand an ominous tarot card reading that predicts her death.

Monday, March 29, 2021

The Rise of Eve – An intense examination of misogyny and sexism around the world explored through news, music, social media, personal accounts, group discussions and heated debates.

Gaze of the Beholder – Beauty lacks a clear standard, yet most of us seem to know it when we encounter it. This documentary explores our shared dance with beauty, body image and sexuality through intimate and often humorous conversations.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Twenty (OML) – 5pm PT (Episode 9&10)

Wednesday, March 31 – Transgender Day of Visibility

Her Story – Her Story is about two trans women in Los Angeles who have given up on love, when chance encounters give them hope. Violet is drawn to Allie, a reporter who approaches her for an interview. Career-driven Paige meets James, the first man she’s considered opening up to in years. Will they risk letting what they are stand in the way of being loved for who they are? This is a story of complex characters who laugh, struggle, and grow, who share strength in sisterhood, who seek and find love. Her Story depicts the unique, complicated, and very human women we see in queer communities, and explores how these women navigate the intersections of label identity and love.

Girl-Hearted – It’s quite plain to 7 year old Nori: She is a girl, because she has a girl’s heart. But her body is that of a boy… Five years ago: Each and every day mother and son argue about what appears trivial: the colors of pants and shirts suddenly matter, soon all he agrees to wear are skirts and dresses, he likes to put barrettes in his still short hair. The neighbors start gossiping. Then one day, the boy reveals his favorite dream to his mum. A wizard will turn his penis into a vagina so he could be a “real” girl … It’s that day something comes to an end. It’s that day Josephin realizes that she doesn’t have a son, that he had never existed – but that there is still a kid, a daughter. It becomes clear to her that she will have to break new ground to see her daughter grow up happily.

Missed Connections – Two strangers meet and form a bond at a festival, but they forget to exchange contact info. As they search for one another and through viral posts, they navigate their careers, lives, and society’s expectations of them as Black, female, and transgender.

Onnaninaru – Miyu has dreamed of becoming a female since early childhood and undergoes the longed-for sex reassignment surgery to be able to live in society as a woman. The documentary depicts sincere discussions with family, honest talks with friends, attitude transformations amongst university faculty, the clinical psychologist’s concerns, and the resolve of the doctor. Touching humanity comes to the forefront through the six months’ coverage of Miyu’s life.

My Name Was January – When a trans sister, January Marie Lapuz, is brutally murdered in her own home in New Westminster, BC, her community reacts and her friends and other trans women of colour come to share and voice their issues, concerns, and challenges. January was seen as a bright light in the lives of many. This is the story of January, a friend, a daughter, a person. This film will not only bring justice to January, but to all the women who have lost their lives.

Why Can’t I Be Me? Around You – Rusty Tidenberg, drag-racing aficionado, shocked friends and family by coming out as trans. Followed for 8 years by filmmaker Harrod Blank (son of Les Blank), Rusty guides us through the aftermath of her transition. Interwoven with lively tales of gender non-conforming individuals on the art-car circuit, Blank’s film is a sensitive and unpredictable love letter to people who fight to be unapologetically themselves.

Bombshell – Jay, a queer transman, navigates the shark-infested waters of LA’s gay dating scene. He’s young, single, looking for fun, but when the bedroom door closes his private world becomes an arena for cis men and the questions they have. Jay is joined by his chosen family, Selena, his Angeleno best friend, Darlene, the Bostonian Hairdresser, and Penis Mascot, the cartoon caped penis personifying his id.

Our Future – Yu is about 18 when her parents separate and the disorientation 5is compounded by the experience of starting summer school. Yu doesn’t feel very comfortable in her own body; she gets into trouble for wearing tracksuit bottoms to school rather than the regulation skirt. The film follows Yu through that summer, showing her sustaining friendships with the hopeless Yoshiki, a gay boy who’s dyed his hair auburn, and the transwoman dancer Haruka.

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