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Jonathan Allen from “America’s Got Talent” Performing at West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval

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“America’s Got Talent” semi-finalist, Jonathan Allen will be taking the stage at this year’s West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval. Allen will be performing “Music of the Night,” from the gothic musical “Phantom of the Opera,” at 8pm on the Noir City Stage on the rainbow striped corner of Santa Monica Blvd & San Vicente Blvd. The event, on a “closed to traffic” mile long stretch of Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, draws over 400,000 revelers annually.

Allen, 21, is from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee and has been singing for as long as he can remember. He used music as a respite from the daily troubles of childhood and grew up with a love for classical music, especially Pavarotti. Alas, when coming out to his family on his 18th birthday Jonathan was told to leave his home. After making it to the semi-final rounds of AGT and the famed Radio City Music this past summer, Jonathan has now set out to pursue his solo career – a continuation of his passion and an incredible life-journey.

To hear & read more of Jonathan check out www.JonathanAllenMusic.com

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