Hot As Hell Fan Fest Takes Web Series Creators to Palm Springs

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The 2nd Hot As Hell Web Series Fan Fest gets sizzling at the Riviera Resort in Palm Springs Aug. 8-10, organized by Steve Silverman, creator of the web series “Pretty” and “The Inn,” and Julie A. Smith, creator of “Fumbling Thru the Pieces.”

Expect sneak peeks of Internet series, never-before-scene videos, special giveaways and appearances by Web stars and show runners.

“I am very excited because … I’ve got Jane Espenson and Adrienne Wilkinson on my show this week and then next week I’ll be doing my show on site at the event,” says Dee Jae Cox, host of California Woman 411, an event sponsor, along with the LA Women’s Theatre Project, JTS-TV, and Kool-Fog.

All-access pass doesn’t include hotel stay. The Riviera Resort Hotel is located at
1600 N. Indian Canyon Drive in Palm Springs. Call:  (866) 588-8311.

Schedule of Events:

Friday, Aug. 8:
@7 p.m. – “B-I-N-G-O!”  Web Series Bingo  hosted by Sheena Metal. Top web series stars will call the numbers; prizes are awarded. A burger and fry bar is included with your ticket; cash bar.

Saturday, Aug. 9:
@9:00 a.m. –  Writer Jane Epenson (“Husbands,” pictured above) is among the Ladies of the Web who will be featured on a live broadcast of “CA Woman 411” with host Dee Jae Cox. Others include Stacy McQueen, Diane Delano, Adrienne Wilkinson, Martha Byrne, Sheena Metal and more. Hear the women tell all the behind-the-scenes good stuff you’ve been dying to know!
(Full breakfast is included with your All Access Weekend Pass.)

@7 p.m. – “Web Series Variety Show” – They sing!  They dance!  They craft!  They cocktail!  Get ready for an all-night event featuring music, videos, comedy and premieres including:

PRETTY will premiere their first new episode of Season 4!
OLD DOGS & NEW TRICKS will premieres their first new Episode of Season 3!
WHERE THE BEARS ARE premieres their first new Episode of Season 3!
THE INN will premiere their behind-the-scenes mini-movie!
DEVANITY will premiere their Season 4 blooper reel!
FUMBLING THRU THE PIECES will premiere their Season 2 blooper reel!
HUSBANDS will premiere their blooper reel!
(Dessert bar included; cash bar.)

Sunday, Aug. 10:
@9:00 a.m. – “Top Secret Surprise Breakfast” – Wake up to…?  You’re gonna have to show up to find out!
(Full breakfast is included with your All Access Weekend Pass.)

Scheduled to Appear*** (alphabetically – this list will be updated):
Leon Acord (Old Dogs & New Tricks); Tisha Terrassini Banker (Pretty); Anthony Anderson (Anacostia); Brad Bell (Husbands); Martha Byrne (Weight/Gotham/Anacostia); Michael & Barbi Caruso (DeVanity); Rick Copp (Where The Bears Are); Diane Delano (Fumbling Thru The Pieces/Pretty); Joe Dietl (Where The Bears Are); Bobbie Eakes (Fumbling Thru The Pieces/Tainted Dreams)
Jane Espenson (Husbands); Dee Freeman (Pretty); Michael Taylor Gray (Pretty); Bruce Hart (Old Dogs & New Tricks); Sean Hemeon (Husbands); Terri Ivens (Tainted Dreams); Juliette Jeffers (Pretty); Tara Chocol Joyce (Fumbling Thru The Pieces); Dan J Kroll (Soap Central Live); Sheena Metal (Child Of The ’70s/Sheena Metal Experience); Jeffrey Patrick Olson (Old Dogs & New Tricks); Kyle David Pierce (The Inn); Damian Pelliccione (Boys In Tech); Ray Proscia (The Inn); Terry Ray (Child of the ’70s); Ed Robinson (Pairings); Steve Silverman (The Inn, Pretty); Julie A. Smith (Fumbling Thru The Pieces); Michelle Stafford (The Stafford Project); Michael Vaccaro (Child of the 70s); Adrienne Wilkinson (Pretty); Jodie Younse (Pairings); Ben Zook (Where The Bears Are).

Conflicts, including work and personal, can arise so changes may occur. The good news: Everyone showed up last time!
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