Cyndi Lauper and Meat Loaf at Universal

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Cyndi Lauper will be opening up for Meat Loaf at Universal Amphtheatre on July 25th. Tickets are on sale now from $31.20 – $59.50. Why is Cyndi touring with Meatloaf? Beats me. Cyndi is an awesome performer and is making a comeback with her “Shine” EP and later this year a new album of her best material since the 80s. Meatloaf was in the 70s flick, ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and had success on his own with his over the top, rock opera album, “Bat Out of Hell.” In the early 90s he returned with “Bat Out of Hell II.” Cyndi fans and Meatloaf fans are two different groups of people, so how and why they decided to hook up is beyond me. Cyndi puts on an awesome show and is worth the price of the ticket even if you leave afterwards and miss Meatloaf.

By Clint Romag

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