Clint Romag’s “A Spreading Madness” Is Spreading to Horror Fans Across the Country

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A virus is threatening to spread throughout Southwest Washington. In the forests of Mount Saint Helens, deer and other animals are going mad. Unfortunately for Bob Grodman, he takes his family camping. But the vacation he had in mind is soon disrupted with the realization that he and his family were not alone. Their vacation turns into a bloody trial of survival as the madness threatens to consume everything.

“This is the fastest and most suspenseful book I’ve written so far,” Clint Romag said. “I wanted to write something where the tension grows and the situation goes from bad to worse. ‘A Spreading Madness’ deals with a small group of people who go camping and have to deal with a nightmare, isolated from the rest of the outside world.”

“There are 17,000 Elk living around the Mount Saint Helens area and thousands of deer,” Clint said. “What if something caused them to go mad? What would happen? Readers of the book will find out.”

About the author

Clint Romag has had a passion for creating stories since childhood. Romag grew up in Longview, WA, and graduated from Western Washington University. He currently lives in Los Angeles. Romag has written several novels. “A Spreading Madness” is Romag’s second published book.

Note to Editors: The Author is available for interviews. Pictures and review copies of “A Spreading Madness” are available upon request. “A Spreading Madness” is available at, and can be ordered at any bookstore for $10.95. For more information, please visit GO West Hollywood GO WEHO LGBT Entertainment News and Industry

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