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Blondie’s “Good Boys” Is Amazing

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After four years since their last album, Blondie is back with one of their strongest singles in their career. This is very exciting because my expectations have been surpassed. When Blondie regrouped in 1999 after 16 apart, I was curious to see if they could still write great music. They could with the release of “Maria,” a song that captured Blondie’s classic sound and was as good as their past hits. The album “No Exit,” was strong but my only complaint was that they didn’t include a dance song. They had rock songs, pop songs, ballads and even a rap song, but no dance music, which was a disappointment since Blondie has written some great ones including “Rapture,” and “Heart of Glass.”

The new album, “The Curse of Blondie,” was suppose to be released two years ago, but their record label went bankrupt and they’ve been unsigned in the states. This long wait may turn to a blessing since it gave them more time to create a better album.

The first single, “Good Boys,” which is available as an import, is an all out dance song. I was expecting another “Maria,” which would have been fine, but they pushed the envelope, creating a song that sounds nothing like the songs on “No Exit.” “Good Boys” starts out with a dance beat that could easily be the beginning of a Depeche Mode song from the late 80s or early 90s. When Debbie starts singing, it becomes a Blondie song that is filled with melodies and sounds current with today’s music. With one listen, your feet may start tapping and you may want to jump up and dance. If the first single is any indication of the quality of the forthcoming album, then this could be the best of Blondie’s career.

You can watch the video for “Good Boys” on Blondie’s official website www.blondie.net.

By Clint Romag

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