Battlestar Galactica Arrives on DVD

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Battlestar Galactica, the 70s Sci-Fi show, will arrive on DVD October 21st. The complete epic series follows the adventures of Starbuck and Apollo who help lead the few survivors of the human race in search of the last refuge of man, the mythical planet called earth. The Cylons, silver, robotic aliens with a pulsing red eye that flashes back and forth are determined to wipe humankind out of existence and attack them along the way.

It’s a fun series with great special effects for its time, a lot of action, humor and deep friendship between the main characters. Unlike the cold, Sterile atmosphere of Space 1999, Battlestar Galactica had a warm, human touch. The collection includes 24 episodes in chronological order as they were played on television.

By Clint Romag

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