AIDS/Lifecycle Riders Journey Toward West Hollywood

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Nearly 2,400 cyclists raised more than $16.1 million by the time they pedaled out of Cow Palace in San Francisco over the weekend, beginning a 545-mile journey to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness to fight AIDS.

The cyclists will arrive in Los Angeles during Pride Weekend on Saturday, June 11, pedaling down Santa Monica Boulevard through West Hollywood, to the finish line at Fairfax High School.

AIDS/LifeCycle is co-produced by the Los Angeles LGBT Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, and is designed to help end the pandemic and human suffering caused by AIDS. According to the organizations, nearly 1 in 10 of the nation’s HIV-positive people lives in California. The state ranks second in the nation in cumulative AIDS cases at nearly 160,000, surpassed only by New York. Eighty percent of all HIV/AIDS cases occur among gay or bisexual men, and African-Americans account for nearly 18% of those living with HIV/AIDS.

More than two-thirds of all Californians living with HIV reside in Los Angeles County or the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information about AIDS/Lifecyle or the organizations supporting the ride click this link: AIDS/Lifecycle

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